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A personalised strategy for your company

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To adapt to market changes and the economic climate, your company needs to know how to anticipate its immediate and future needs.

Use data analysis to build recruitment strategies that offer a better return on investment and better productivity from new employees.

The single source of truth - SSOT

Everything you need can be found on the Hireme platform. Not only can they help you to save time, our tools also foster standardised and efficient processes. In line with pre-defined user permissions, your teams enjoy the same experience and have access to the same standard and information. It’s simple, but above all, it’s efficient.


Diversity and inclusion for better organisational performance 

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Being open to diversity widens your access to the best talent and improves your brand image. Inclusion allows you to efficiently engage and motivate employees. 

Diversity and inclusion are beneficial in the short and long term, both for the company and the employees who work there. These factors contribute to stimulating innovation, creativity, productivity, reputation, commitment and results.


We ensure compliance with your internal procedures, as well as with international regulations, in particular the GDPA, CCPA and EEO, thanks to our standardised processes. 

You can rely on a single source to implement coherent procedures across your entire organisation, whatever the department, the geographical location, the brand or the division. Even if the programs are managed independently from one another. 

The result is improved overall organisational efficiency and better-managed compliance with government, local and internal policies.


Optimisation of costs


We guide you in the implementation of a strategy based on optimisation, at every stage of the recruitment cycle. That way you reduce the indirect costs related to everyday management and you reduce your dependency on external providers. 

It is concrete: our tools lead to a reduction in recruitment costs of up to 65%!