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Recruiting :A job for the whole team

Set up recruiting teams and designate different roles for each member. Laying the groundwork for effective collaboration will speed up the hiring timeline.

Plan out each stakeholder’s tasks and how they fit together. Set reminders and say goodbye to the days of forgetting to communicate with candidates!

Streamlining these conversations within your recruiting team will lead to faster and more productive decision-making.

Store all your recruiting information and data in one place. Rest assured knowing your data is accurate, relevant, and indexed.

Collaborative recruitment

Grow your searchAdvertise among your target candidates

Having access to a variety of advertising platforms is great, but how are you supposed to know which ones are best for you? Our platform makes informed recommendations about where you should post your job offer.

Channels for new campaigns

All it takes is a single click to post your offer across the selected platforms, including:

  • The Wigglers 3.0 Job Board
  • Nearly 2,000 job boards, including niche sites and social media
  • All this within one contract at competitive prices

Track how job offers are performing via a data dashboard, including:

  • Number of views
  • Number of applications received
  • Engagement by platform
Campaign performance

Make your recruiting workflowyour own

Recruitment Workflow

Every business is unique.
Our customizable and user-friendly tools can be tailored to any recruiting workflow, need, or organization. Users on both ends are sure to love it.

  • Plan and streamline all your processes
  • Manage and assess each step in recruiting
  • Visualize the statuses of both job offers and candidates

  • Improve management with grouped actions
  • Create a library of custom templates for consistent and uniform messaging and evaluation
  • Identify, manage, organize your suppliers easily

Remote interviewing


Recruiter faster and more effectively no matter where you are.
Coordinate and schedule interviews without ever leaving our platform – you never have to redirect to an external portal or website. Discover the peace of mind and fluidity it brings for you and your candidates.

Interview candidates alone or as a team and share feedback in a cinch. Need to reassess? Your recruiting team can replay videos in the database afterwards to compare interviews and make informed decisions.

Put data behindyour performance & success 

Get an immediate, up-to-date overview of all your key recruiting data and build custom reports. Select any relevant information you may need, such as:

  • Your pipeline at any moment
  • Time-to-hire metrics
  • Your conversion rate
  • Team productivity
  • Custom reporting
Team performance

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