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Treat your candidates like you treat your customers

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Offer a unique recruitment experienceto everyone


Your intern of today may well be your expert of tomorrow.

Don’t leave any applicants to one side, whatever the position or type of contract.
With Wiggli, manage your entire recruitment from A to Z on a single platform. A positive experience for your candidates and for your company.

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Create an employer brandthat reflect who you are


You attract the best talent and gain loyalty through your careers page and your employer profile. These places of expression offer candidates a glimpse into your organisation, even before they pay you a visit:

  • What are your values, your missions?
  • What are your current and future projects, your ambitions?
  • What is your approach to flexibility in the workplace?
  • What are your environmental and social commitments?
  • What measures do you take to improve the quality of life in the workplace?

And so much more!

The employer brand is a genuine competitive advantage in the war for talent. Be visible starting now.

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Make your talent pool fruitful

A positive candidate experience is the cornerstone of an attractive employer brand.

We offer you solutions designed to attract, engage and convert the best professionals for your company.

You leave a mark on the minds of potential candidates thanks to our specialised communication tools

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Put the candidateat the heart of the recruitment process

Heart of Recruitment Process

Our platform makes use of artificial intelligence to offer an impactful and successful candidate experience.

By planning follow-up actions and proposing constructive exchanges at every stage in the recruitment process, you create a relationship of trust.

Not only do you value your candidates, you also optimise the results of your recruitment. It’s simple, or nearly so.

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