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Build strong and long-lasting relationships with candidates

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Quality relationships are key in successful candidate management. Our tools walk you through the best practices for sourcing, attracting, engaging, and recruiting talents.

Get a clear picture of candidates’ expectations before their applications even reach your inbox. You’ll have all the tools to run successful recruitment campaigns.

Build your ownsmart talent pool 

Ready to cut down on time spent recruiting in the future? Build a talent pool!
Manage and grow your structured database without worrying about updating it and keeping it GDPR compliant. Wiggli has been designed with a variety of built-in channels to import candidates directly into your talent pool from different sources.

All new contacts are automatically filled out and saved, whether added manually, downloaded in, or synced from your Wiggli ATS. With Wiggli:

  • Easily migrate and restructure existing candidate data
  • Add new candidacies automatically from different sources
  • Divide your talent pools by targets
  • Visualize candidate pipelines requiring action
  • Cut down on the costs and time spent recruiting by identifying good matches within your talent pools when creating a job
CRM Talent Pool

AI-Powered candidate searches

Illustration of a match

Never miss that perfect match.
Our powerful sourcing solution uses artificial intelligence to help you find the perfect fit for your job. Its matchmaking system searches candidate profiles across different sourcing platforms in just one click.

Profiles are updated in real time, giving you the information you need when you need it. Don’t waste time rooting through information you don’t need. Search by field, experience level, key skills, degree, hiring stage, job, or even application date to find what you’re looking for in half the time.

Our built-in evaluation tools make candidate sorting and selection a breeze. You can also access a candidate’s original CV at any point in the decision-making process

Communicate effectively andKeep candidates engaged

Want to build more genuine relationships with candidates and help your recruiters save time? Give them tools equipped with automatic, customizable AI features and watch how your team’s impact transforms. Interact with your talent pool and manage all of your generated content in one place.

Then, put some numbers behind your campaign results and candidate engagement levels. The power of Wiggli:

  • Engage with your talent communities
  • Define your personas, sharing targeted information and relevant news
  • Automate candidate follow-up to keep engagement levels up
Campaign analysis

Use smart messaging to stay a step ahead


Give your candidate experience a makeover with Wiggli!
Get away from the impersonal messages and lack of feedback that leave candidates feeling undervalued.

Our smart messaging system helps you connect with professionals in real time for conversations that will leave a mark. Set up programmed messages to target candidates anywhere in the world when they’re most likely to respond.

Work faster, but more importantly, work smarter. Communicate through any tool that’s best for you, whether it’s email, instant messaging, or WhatsApp. The ball’s in your court! Reach out to candidates whenever you like.

Leave your competitors in the dustAutomate your workflows

Automation of the process

Recruiting with Wiggli puts you in the driver’s seat!
Build custom workflows, create communication templates, and configure your database. Each step is tailored to your needs. Clear up your schedule. Automate those time-consuming administrative tasks to spend your time on what really matters: candidate relations.

Our CRM gives you the tools to get your talent pool buzzing! Schedule custom message blasts with your content and branding. Start using a platform that grows with you and enhances your workflows. Your teams are productive, and you’re recruiting top-notch talents.

What could be better?

Manage more candidates in less time

Do you want to create extraordinary relations with your candidates ? Discover how Wiggli can help you attract, engage, and retain top talent in a blink

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