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Create an employer brand that reflects you

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A powerful employer brand is the key to a successful recruitment campaign!

It increases your visibility and allows you to attract and hire the best talent, where it can be found. But that’s not all! The employer brand also develops a sense of belonging to the company among your employees. By optimising your Employer Value Proposal (EVP), you involve your employees while building a pleasant and inspiring workplace.

Results: more qualified candidates, a reduction in recruitment costs and you hold onto your employees for longer. 

What are you waiting for to discover our employer brand tools?

The career pagethat transforms your visitors into candidates

A positive candidate experience starts with a well-designed careers page. 

It’s true: candidates prioritise a visit to the careers pages of companies when they are looking for a job. It’s simple… But not that simple!

The first seconds are decisive to capture their attention and hold their interest!

A poorly optimised careers page discourages and bores candidates, who risk looking elsewhere…  with your competitors!

With hireme, you build a responsive careers page that adapts to the size of the user’s screen, whatever the device they are using. Intuitive navigation and an optimal user experience encourage quality applications. Here’s how to get your recruitment off on the right foot!

Career Page@2x-3

The employer profile that transforms your visitors into candidates and opens the doors of your company to your future employees

Company Profile@2x-3

The search for meaning professionally has transformed the world of employment. Candidates expect more from their future employer. They take the time to find out about the company before applying. And the reason is that the candidates want to invest their time and energy in a company that is the right match for them. They need to be able to picture themselves in the company and share the same values and a common vision. 

In other words, there is no longer any place for boring and standardised descriptions of companies! 

Thanks to your employer profile, candidates step into your world when you share videos, photos and news that illustrate daily life in your company. Forget superficiality and opt for authenticity by telling the story of your company and its reason for being! 

Make the decision to proactively develop your employer brand to attract the best candidates for your company, everywhere in the world.