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Integrate your new employees

That’s it - you have chosen your candidate and she/he has accepted your job offer. Well done! It's the start of the onboarding phase. The objective is to be attentive to the integration of your new employees to engage their loyalty from the moment they arrive.

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Integrate your employees


The period of integration outlines the basis of the relationship between your new employee and your company. 

Successful onboarding increases job satisfaction, productivity and longevity and strengthens your employer brand. In other words, it’s a stage that you don’t want to get wrong! 

We offer tools to finalise your recruitment process in complete simplicity, thanks to the automation of heavy administrative tasks related to hiring new recruits. 

Your new employees will not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new information to absorb, because relevant content will be offered to them where they need it most.


Integrate your temporary staff


Our Freelance Management System (FMS) provides you with a centralised repertoire for management of hires, assignments and daily tasks. It supervises the entire relationship with your temporary staff from onboarding to performance assessment. 

In particular, Wiggli allows you to manage contracts and time sheets and to organise payments.