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Make your talent pool fruitful

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Create a relationship with your candidates

Discovering new candidates is good, but holding their interest is essential!

Behind your company are men and women. Share their daily lives with your candidates! Broadcast interactive content such as employee testimonials, job information, previews of your current or future projects, and much more besides. Just one rule: be yourself! 

We offer you next generation CRM tools to create and maintain your talent pool ... your way.


Maintain regular communication...


Thanks to Wiggli, you have a large number of channels at your disposal to interact with your candidates. By speaking, you leave a mark on minds and position yourself as an employer of choice! More important still, you create a relationship of trust with your candidates. Your proactive and transparent communication will tip the balance in your favour when the time comes.

In short: a solid and well-managed talent pool is time and money saved when it comes to your future hires!

… that is personalised

Personalisation is essential for strong candidate engagement.  

With Wiggli, you get all the information you need to build targeted and relevant communication. You create information and promotional campaigns in line with the interests, the ambitions or the profile of each candidate.

Personalised communication brings important added value to the overall candidate experience. Think about it!

Getting the best from automation without crossing off personalisation; that is the challenge that Wiggli has successfully overcome!

Now it’s your turn!