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Manage all your providers

Whether temporary assignments or employee recruitment (fixed-term or open-ended contract, internship...) manage and optimise relationships with all your providers on a single platform

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Continue to work with your current partners...

We bring all your recruitment channels together in one place, because they contribute to the success of your recruitment campaigns.


… and find new ones,

perfectly suited to your organisation


These days, there is a multitude of recruitment providers, specialist or general. That is why you can adapt the choice of provider in relation to your recruitment strategy. It’s up to you to give a new partner a chance or to choose one that has worked particularly efficiently for you in the past.

Tiering and Standardisation

Supplier systems at several levels are a strategic issue to reduce costs, but also to recruit more efficiently than your competitors. You rationalise the processes for one or several divisions with the help of a single solution. That way, all your third-party recruitment activities are centralised in one location, giving you access to all the expenses and savings of the third-party recruiters.

Thanks to Wiggli, you:

  • Define internal policies about the way you are going to manage your providers.
  • Enter into legal agreements between your organisation and your recruitment partners.
  • Clearly establish your expectations with regard to third-party providers.
  • Actively monitor your relationships with providers instead of simply observing their performance.
  • Maintain precise and complete registers of the information from your providers.