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Measure and optimise your recruitment campaigns

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With Wiggli, you make agile decisions! Our intelligent tools place information, trends and usable data at your disposal to help you make the best choices for your company.  You know where candidates come from, the conversion rates and overall performance of recruiters. In short, you are well equipped to optimise your talent acquisition strategy! 

Assess the attractiveness of your employer brand

When it comes to measuring the strength of your employer brand, it is important to focus on very specific criteria. 

Thanks to Wiggli, you assess:

  • The acceptance rate for job offers
  • The length of the recruitment campaign
  • The quality of the hire
  • The satisfaction of the recruitment teams and employees
  • The commitment rate of employees
  • The staff retention rate for new employees
  • The positioning of your employer brand in relation to your competitors


Analyse the efficiency of your teams

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The talent acquisition team is your guarantee that your recruitment campaigns will be a success!

Its role is to identify, assess and hire candidates to fill vacant positions within the company.

The employer brand image, anticipating and planning future resources, diversifying labour and developing a solid pool of candidates are the cornerstones of talent acquisition.

Ensure the success of your recruitment processes with the help of specific data about the activities of your internal team: number of applications, interviews, completed hires, share of budget used, etc.

Examine the performance of your providers

Your company’s good development and an increase in its profitability rely on the quality of the services of your providers, as well as on the relationships you maintain with them. 

Wiggli facilitates an analysis of the data of your recruitment partners to allow you to make the best decisions, company-wide.

Thanks to our VMS, you have direct access to all of your organisation’s external providers in order to assess their successes and make adjustments. In this way, you get results that meet your expectations.

We offer you the opportunity to precisely measure the time, the cost, the compliance, the quality and the quantity of recruitments by generating detailed, comprehensive reports that are easy to understand.

Among other things, you have access to the performance statistics of third-party recruiters, the number of applications received, the interview/hire ratio and the key data for your company’s growth.

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