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Offer a recruitment experience that is
unique for everyone

From an intern profile to an expert profile, manage all your recruitment needs on a single platform. Every candidate deserves a remarkable candidate experience, with no exceptions.

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Students & Young graduates

Looking for an internship or a first job can often appear to be a real brainteaser!

Between choosing assignments, a company and a business sector and lacking in experience, you can easily feel out of your depth!

Wiggli supports the younger generations by simplifying their entrance into professional life.

Our offers are visible thanks to our partnerships and our special relationships with institutions of higher education and alumni associations. We make clear and authentic information available, that is a reflection of the singularity of each company. The candidates are fully equipped to make the best decisions at the start of their career.


Fixed term or open-ended contract employees

Did you know that an employee changes jobs every 3 years on average?


As you can see, the days when stability was a career goal are over! 

Employees want to find meaning in their work and develop their skills, while working for a company that shares the same values. 

If the task seems complicated to you... You’re right!

That is why we encourage a more flexible transition between each change in position by reducing the number of recruitment intermediaries and improving accessibility to information about job opportunities and companies.

Independent professionals


At Wiggli, we know that being self-employed is a choice that comes from the heart! 

We facilitate your search for new clients by suggesting assignments that are a match for professional profiles. Optimised administrative and legal management reduces time consuming tasks that have low added value. Freelance professionals can say goodbye to the stress related to waiting for clients to pay, because we handle payments for the work carried out, as soon as the client validates the time sheet. Above all, our commissions respect freelance work. That way, we allow you to focus on what you do best - your job.