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Put the candidate at the heart of the recruitment process.

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A unique space dedicated to candidates

Our candidate space brings together everything professionals need to take control of their careers. This unique space, specifically designed to contribute to a memorable candidate experience, is based on confidentiality. It allows candidates to define their profile, as well as their professional ambitions, in just a few minutes. They can go on to manage all their applications (solicitations, interviews, feedback, recruitment tests, contracts, etc.) with a single tool that completely answers their needs.


Applications sent

in the blink of an eye


The days are gone when candidates wasted time filling out the same information for each application! Thanks to their unique profile, they apply to the offers that interest them in a few clicks. Whether they are actively seeking employment, or simply curious to find out about the opportunities available on the market, they decide to be visible to companies or to display their profile in anonymous mode. Our algorithms, designed with the help of artificial intelligence, reduce the time spent searching by turning up the most relevant job opportunities in relation to the candidate profile. Efficiency and time savings, what more could you ask for?

Communication at your fingertips


From receipt of applications up to sending out employment contracts, manage all your communication without leaving the platform. We offer different means of communication, from classic emails and text messages to instant digital applications such as WhatsApp.  You also optimise your organisation by planning your tasks and receiving personalised reminders. 

That way, you are sure to never miss a message.

A simplified recruitment process


We offer an innovative recruitment process, both automated and personalised, in order to manage each application in a unique manner. Whether you hold onto their profile or not, your candidates are valued and considered throughout the recruitment process. They retain a positive image of your company, which they will join soon or perhaps in a few years!

Absence of information can cause stress and frustration among candidates. Thanks to our platform, they enjoy a better candidate experience by tracking their application in real time. 

Whether the recruitment is permanent or temporary, you manage all the interviews, face to face and via video, you propose technical tests and you send out the contracts, with no effort. Wiggli centralises the recruitment experience, for the comfort of your teams and your candidates.

Modern and intuitive management

Our  freelance 2.0 management system allows independent professionals to manage their assignments, complete their time sheets, file their invoices and track the payments received at any given time.

This is sure to lighten their considerable daily load!