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Tracking applications demands constant attention!
Thanks to our ATS, you can precisely track each application, never losing sight of the central place of candidates in the recruitment process.


There is strength in unity for recruitment!


Create a culture of engagement between all the recruitment stakeholders: the directors, the HR department, the managers and your employees.  

Wiggli is an agile solution that adapts to your organisation!

Implement the structure that suits you, create teams and allocate roles in relation to those participating in the recruitment process. You are in control of the information inside your organisation and you easily assemble all the communication so that nothing gets lost along the way. That way, you are well-equipped to make the best decision for your teams and your company.


Work Smarter

Optimise your processes


At Wiggli, we believe that it is better to work more intelligently, and not harder.

That is why we offer the best tools to not only optimise your recruitment processes, but also to adapt to the specific nature of your company. You easily manage your team of recruiters, you automate repetitive and time-consuming actions and you personalise your communication, in your company’s image. 

In this way, you have more time to devote to your core business. Automation and a big pinch of personalisation is the recipe to maximise the productivity and the performance of your teams.

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