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Source the best profiles for your company

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Are you experiencing difficulties finding candidates whose skills genuinely match your needs? 

Rest assured, you're not alone!

Hireme has developed an innovative sourcing solution to introduce you to profiles in line with your candidate persona. That way, we help you to find the best talent for your company... 

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Manage your providers

If you call upon recruitment intermediaries, you have surely noticed that there is a large amount of administrative management! It’s easy to get mixed up between the various processes used by recruitment and temping agencies!

That is why we have created a platform on which you can manage all your providers. We allow you to keep working with your usual partners, while introducing you to new recruitment players that have been meticulously pre-selected by our teams. That way, you are sure to use the most suitable provider in relation to your need.

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Recruit efficiently


Your recruiters are going to love our powerful and targeted recruitment tools.

From assessing profiles to choosing candidates, from managing interviews and psyco-technical tests, Hireme facilitates candidate monitoring and optimises every stage of recruitment…

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Integrate your new employees

How can you be sure that you are responding to the expectations of your new employee? 

The answer is: by paying close attention to the company integration phase! 

Recruitment doesn’t end when the contract is signed, far from it. The onboarding period is decisive for the company, as well as for your new recruits, whatever their profile. Successful integration fosters employee motivation, and as an added bonus, it strengthens your employer brand.

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