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your candidate sourcing and stand out from the crowd with a strong recruitment marketing strategy.


and lock in top talents, anywhere they may be, with specialized recruitment campaigns.


candidates at the heart of the process and align with their expectations, guaranteeing a five-star experience.

Career pageShowcase your job offers

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people judge a business’s credibility based solely on its website?
Make your website a window into your company culture that’s sure to win candidates over!

Developed with guidance from UX design experts and our creative team, Wiggli will transform your digital presence. Bring your career page into the 21st century and tailor it to your audience with our integrated CMS.

Make your page your own by adding branded content, logos, fonts, and color schemes. Plant the seed and make talents want to be part of your team!

Career Page

Stand out with anEmployer profile

Company Profile

Your business is one-of-a-kind. Share it with the world!
Wiggli helps you attract and recruit talents by painting a genuine picture of your company culture, work environment, and company values.

Let your partnerships do the talking – catch talents’ attention by sharing your brand’s story from their point of view! Up-and-running in 3 steps:

  • One session of interviews, photos, and filming with our creative agency included.
  • Have your team share what makes your company special.
  • Leave the editing and integration to us!

That’s how easy it can be to create an employer profile that showcases your employer brand!

Career page and Employer profileFeatures

Instant job posting

Advanced search features

Smart and simple job applications

Custom photos and videos

SEO optimization for maximum visibility

Mobile-friendly navigation

GDPR, CCPA, and EEO compliant

Targeted marketing

Marketing Campaigns

Build an authentic relationship with each and every candidate.
Our cross-platform marketing campaigns are designed to help you promote your employer brand and recruit your future colleagues using:

  • Media (photo and video sharing)
  • Social media campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  • Targeted email marketing

And much more!

Want to take your employer brand to the next level ?

Discover how to get the most out of your company culture and turn it into an effective talent management and general advertising tool.

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