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Service Level Policy

Any terms used, but not defined herein, shall have the meanings provided in the Software as a Service Subscription Agreement.



Wiggli’s Platform will have a Services availability of at least 99% per calendar month as measured and recorded by Wiggli’s internal processes and based on AWS uptime, excluding reasonable, unscheduled and scheduled maintenance periods. Wiggli shall provide the Customer with as much prior notice as is reasonable possible via email, via our website or via our Platform, before performing any scheduled maintenance which renders the Platform inaccessible for greater than 3 Normal Business Hours.



Should the Customer raise a support issue with Wiggli, Wiggli shall respond in a timely manner in accordance with the standards set out in this Policy, which may be updated from time to time by Wiggli, at Wiggli’s sole discretion.



An Issue shall mean a technical defect with Platform that renders the Services partially or completely inoperable but does not include scheduled or planned maintenance. Issues are categorized as follows:

  • Category 1 (C1): An Issue that renders the Platform (i) completely non-functional; or (ii) all of the Customer’s Authorised Users are unable log in to the Platform after repeated attempts.
  • Category 2 (C2): An Issue that results in part of the Platform becoming inaccessible.
  • Category 3 (C3): An Issue in one or more of the Platform’s features.



Upon discovering an Issue, the Customer shall notify Wiggli via email to support@Wiggli.io and provide a detailed description of the Issue (Issue Notice).



*Wiggli’s Response and Resolution times are specified in hours, provided that the expiration of the Response or Resolution period does not fall on a weekend or bank holiday in Belgium (“Working Day”), in which case the expiration of the relevant response period will occur at 12 pm CET-time on the next Working Day. Any status updates regarding an Issue resolution shall be provided by Wiggli via email or, if necessary, telephone call or video conference.



The Customer shall send inquiries about the features and functions of the Platform by email to: support@Wiggli.io. Wiggli shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any general queries within one Business Day.