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Source the best profilesfor your company

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All the profiles your company needs


Recruit the employees you need, all on a single platform.

Interns, young graduates, employees, freelancers, temporary workers... we are for everyone!

Build your talent pool

A well-stocked talent pool is a godsend for your recruitments! 

Wiggli allows you to import your existing candidates and develop your talent pool, which will gradually fill up as you receive applications. Candidate profiles are structured and updated permanently to facilitate decision-making.


Capitalise on your talent pool


More than just a pool of skills, create talent communities that potential candidates can join and engage in conversation. 

When the time comes to recruit, it will be easier for you to convince them to join your teams.

No more time-consuming searches and colossal budgets devoted to searching for candidates!

Publish your offers where

the candidates can be found

With Wiggli, post your job offers in a few clicks on your careers page, the Wiggli Talent platform, your employer profile, social media and no fewer than 2,000 job boards using our multi-distribution tool. Thanks to our partnerships, you have access to millions of students and young graduates impatient to embark on their professional career!

Your talent pool is active too, because your potential candidates are informed about opportunities with targeted alerts based on their profile.



Benefit from co-option


Co-option is designed to please!  It is an excellent means to discover talented people through your employees. Candidates recruited through co-option often stay longer with the company and integrate the teams more quickly! What a stroke of luck; we facilitate the co-option process so that you can benefit from all these advantages.


The direct approach has never been so simple


Do you have an urgent need?

Don’t lose any time: adopt a direct approach by targeting and directly contacting the profiles of interest to your company.