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Use a single platform to attract, recruit, and manage your contingent workforce, from contract signing to payment. The Wiggli VMS is designed to help businesses identify, recruit, and manage external partners, temporary workers, and service providers.

Access our cloud-based system anytime, anywhere.

Piechart of the VMS

Freelance Management System

Professional freelance partnerships made easy.
Manage all your freelance service providers through a single platform. You can track their progress on your jobs no matter where they’re based. We provide:

  • Freelancer verification
  • Talent matching with an advanced algorithm
  • Cutting-edge communication tools built into the platform
  • Customizable job parameters with rates by the hour, day, week, month, etc.
  • Timesheet and spending logs
  • Compliant contracts
  • Easy and secure payment
  • Centralized billing
Interface of the suppliers


Compliance of the document management

Guaranteed compliance to give you peace of mind.
Any organization that brings in expertise from a contingent workforce must have a compliance process in place to prevent, limit, and manage risk.

Our VMS includes a designated system to store all the necessary documentation and data for your supplier contracts.

Manage and track your legal documentation. You can be sure it’s always up-to-date thanks to our smart notification system.

Wiggli ensures that your service providers meet your defined standards.

Data security

When it comes to data protection, we don’t joke around.
Data security is a must for each and every business. Our platform was designed with your comprehensive data security in mind.

Wiggli provides fast, easy, and reliable access to your suppliers. Every user receives a unique and secure profile after agreeing to the platform’s terms of use and your terms of service.

Wiggli authenticates, audits, and verifies all logins to guarantee maximum security.


Suppliers performance

Supplier Performance

Track how your recruiting partners are performing.
Our predictive activity reports and analysis tools provide you with precise measurements, key indicators, and relevant information so that you can efficiently manage your daily activities. With this data in hand, you can make the most strategic decisions for your organization. Wiggli helps you:

  • Increase productivity with constructive templates and workflows
  • Reduce legal risk and ensure compliance
  • Draft your own job offers
  • Easily visualize project components and a financial detail overview
  • Make better and faster decisions backed by data updated in real-time
  • Guarantee quality and cost-effective partnerships
  • Index and streamline your supplier list using key metrics

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